Soham Dodia


Babaria Institute of Technology, Varnama, Vadodara

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering 2017

CGPA: 8.61


Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, GO Lang, PostgreSQL

Frameworks/Tools: Node.js, React.js, Express.js, AWS, Mongoose, Sails.js, Docker


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (22 August 2020 - 22 August 2023)



Gambit Sports - Software Development Engineer (June 2019 to Present)

Working on Nostra Pro App.

- Developed voucher code functionality with different vendors like Flipkart, PhonePe, Dunzo, and Myntra.

- Worked on different payment gateways including Paytm, Cashfree, PhonePe

- Increased Debit Card success rate from 62% to 90%.

- Created a dynamic payment gateway system and routed traffic from it depending on the card type, bank type, and availability of payment gateway.

- Created an affiliate system with different scopes like spend commission, referral commission, deposit commission.

- Created an Automatic payout withdrawal system with a fraud check algorithm.

- Integrated new sports in the existing system.

- Created different SQS queues for handling performance and transaction issues.

Simform Solutions - Full Stack Developer (June 2017 to June 2019)

Worked on technologies like: Node.js, Express.js, Sails.js, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

- Developed a lambda function that dumps data from DynamoDB to Elasticsearch using Node.js.

- Built Payment APIs along with Stripe integration using Node.js.

- Developed APIs for a cab-hailing app using Sails.js.

- Developed APIs for an Instagram clone using Node.js and MongoDB.


Leap Drop [Leap Motion, Android, Chrome Extension,]

LeapDrop is a hack that allows the geek to drag a webpage from one computer and drop it to another computer, where it opens almost instantly.

DynamoDB-to-ElasticSearch [JavaScript, AWS Elastic Search]

A NPM module that will dump all DynamoDB data to AWS ElasticSearch indices. There's no blueprint in AWS Lambda that allows to dump DynamoDB data into ElasticSearch. This module will facilitate exactly that.

Redis Process Lock

An NPM module that will lock the process. JavaScript is single-threaded, and if there is any requirement for locking some process/resource, it will be complex to do that. This module will solve that problem.

Custom Search [Python]

Custom Search will give you first result from google,twitter and duckduckgo in one second.You can pass query in url.

YouTube Search [React.js,Youtube API,BootStrap]

YouTube Search is developed in React.js,YouTube API and will display first 5 results from youtube.

Other Projects

Portfolio Website [HTML, CSS], Timetable [Materialize CSS, Cordova], Weather API [Node.js],Chopper Rush [Android], Paper App [Android]

Achievements and Activities

1st prize in Hardware category by at InOut 3.0 for LeapDrop.

3rd Prize in Android workshop.

Participated in Hackathons : InOut 1.0, InOut 2.0, InOut 3.0.

Member of Xitij (GTU Cultural Fest) Website Team.

Attended GDG Events and Applied CS with Android by Google.